ronnie and jules‘Thank you – you are very much appreciated … you have been a true godsend.’

Sara, the niece of 80 year old Cardiff client, Ronnie has taken the time to email her thanks to Age Connects and Jules, Ronnie’s dedicated volunteer in particular. 

A fall Ronnie had just before the coronavirus outbreak resulted in him being very immobile – effectively housebound, as he is unable to use the stairs in his maisonette. With Sara living some distance away in the Midlands, Age Connects and volunteer Jules have been supporting her uncle Ronnie. This support has meant that Ronnie has been able to continue living independently at this difficult time.

Sara writes: ‘Thank you – to Age Connects and, more specifically, to Jules for being an absolute lifeline to Ronnie over the past few weeks. I honestly dread to think what the outcome would have been if you had not come to the rescue. 

‘Jules has been a constant in his life the past few weeks. Her phone calls and shopping deliveries have been extremely supportive and her approach has been so kind and thoughtful.

‘Jules has gone the extra mile and assisted with things such as taking out his rubbish as well as ensuring that he has all the basics to keep him going. She has been invaluable to both Ronnie and myself, an extra pair of eyes and ears.’

Sara added that: ‘this service has been superb and was up and running smoothly from the outset … Ronnie and I are both extremely grateful, you have been a true godsend. Thank you – you are very much appreciated.’

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